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INSPIRE, CREATE, REFLECT: THE POWER OF PEDAGOGY is the California Dance Education Association’s 2020 statewide conference held at California State University, East Bay, February 1- 2, 2020. This year’s theme focuses our attention on dance advocacy and how we as dance educators advocate for dance for all children at our schools, in our communities and statewide. How do dance teachers create work to speak to the value of dance education in our state? How do our pedagogical habits undergo refinements to further advance dance education progress and create a welcoming, inclusive environments in our unique classrooms, studios and communities? How do dance teachers enlighten the public about the impact of dance education on individuals, families, audiences, communities and society?


The Creative Process:
Choreography, Choice-Making, and CommuniCATION
Wednesday, October 23 – Saturday, October 26, 2019
Hyatt Regency Miami | Miami, FL

Miami is a mecca of finance, commerce, culture, media, entertainment, the arts, and international trade. In this vibrant city, nicknamed “Capital of Latin America” and embracing an international culture, dance flourishes through a unique blend of diversity, support from government institutions, and funding for innovative, extraordinary creativity. More than 290,000 children are reached through cultural programs, and over 16 million people attend Miami-Dade Cultural events each year. Dance education is robust, encompassing dance departments in community colleges and state universities, accredited programs in K-12 private and public schools, and community enrichment programs. The dance commonwealth of Miami is a colorful and rich one that carries cultural traditions and heritage that are unique to this youthful city.

Dance Festivals


CA Dances will be held at El Cerrito High School on Saturday, February 8, 2020.

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Photo Credit: F. Sullivan/AB Miller High School

Photo Credit: F. Sullivan/AB Miller High School