February 2--AB Miller High School (Fontana, CA)

Whatever You Need PD Sessions--FULL LIST (1).jpg
Whatever You Need PD Sessions--FULL LIST (1).jpg

February 2--AB Miller High School (Fontana, CA)

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February 2--AB Miller High School (Fontana, CA)  10am-12pm

CDEA Whatever You Need is simply an opportunity for dance educators in all sectors to come together to take a master class hosted by a guest artist. The only agenda is the dance educator gets "whatever they need" out of the session. Those needs can vary from wanting to move in a class taught by someone else or to get ideas to improve practice or just a need to get together with other people who teach dance. It is a session for dance educators, by dance educators and with dance educators. Whatever You Need is held in regional locations around the state. Come get whatever you need.

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Interbodied Spaces- Knowing each other through movement, partnership and mutally beneficial somatic exchanges.

Holly Johnston:

I dance because it makes the world around me sensible. I create choreography, read bodies, write thoughts, listen to movement, speak through animating forms and forces. I am a movement artist working through specified spaces making suggestions about how we inscribe meaning onto body. I am deeply in love with the art of learning and teaching. I am broken wide open by acts of courage, compassion, and justice. I reject the degradation of our human dignities. I fall and rise between then and here...becoming into space through body, as body.

Holly Johnston